Using Social Media for Your Job Hunt

Why is social media the next step in your career? Well, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve become accepted as an industry standard now. Social media also allows you to have complete control over developing and branding your professional identity. Here are ways to liven up your social media accounts to include your, the job seeker.

This should be a no-brainer, but if you do not yet have a LinkedIn account, stop here and go get one. This is a hub for businesses, employers, freelancers, consultants and more. Nearly every industry has groups for you to join, participate, ask questions and more. Additionally, your connections are able to commend certain areas of your work, ie. Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Ads, etc. The most impressive part of this site? The fact that is serves, basically, as a real-time resume. Keep this up-to-date, and think about including the url on your paper resume.

First, either make your profile 100% private, or be extremely deliberate with what you allow to be seen by others. Many employers have made it a point to check potential employees’ Facebook pages, so really need to run through it with a fine-tooth comb before sending off a batch of resumes or inquiries. Also, be sure that your employment information is either not able to be seen, or keep it up to date and detailed. Don’t just write “Sales Associate” without the company’s name. All or nothing is best in these cases.

You’ve made boards for your wedding, for the paint colors you want in the bathroom and collected a ton of cute little sayings, but have you made a board for your resume? While most of your pins and boards are likely dreams you’re trying to keep a live, create a board that shows who you are, in the professional sense. Add an image of your university, past companies you’ve worked for. You can control how much of your personality shows through.