Tips from Job Recruiters

Hiring managers have seen everything, from misspellings to artificially inflated accomplishments. They’re seasoned professionals who have gotten to where they are at by relying on tricks of their trade, a keen eye and the talent to play matchmaker for employers. Despite your efforts, you’re not likely to outsmart them in anyway, but there are a few tricks to get your resume moved up in the virtual world.

Remember, the bots are everywhere.

It may seem a bit sad, but nowadays, most resumes are scanned for certain keywords, attributes and phrases. If you’re applying for an executive assistant position, you’re likely to see things like “punctual”, “over-achieving” and “detail-oriented” in the job’s description. While you should never blantantly copy and paste items from a job description into your resume or cover letter, you should be addressing the post directly, which means citing your attention to detail. Remember, that eventually a human will be reading this, so quantify what that means, but give the bots a hook to catch.

Consistenty is Key
With more networking sites than a normal person can keep track of, it’s important now, more than ever, to be consistent across all fronts. Sure, it seems silly, but when a recruiter looks at LinkedIn and sees you are Company A, but then looks at Facebook and sees that you’re at Company B, it shows either laziness, complacency or lack of attention to detail. Additionally, if you have a portfolio that is available online, you should add it to your resume. It’s these small details that can either make or break your chances at your job.

Quantify Your Achievements
So many people try to increase the length of their resume or make their accomplishments sound abundant, but it ends up sounding wordy. Instead, use industry standard language and parameters to show what you accomplished. Use more numbers and less words.