Search Tips of New Grads

As the excitement from graduating dies down, the anxiety to find a job will soon spike up. Don’t worry though, despite economic reports, there are some ways to scoop up a job

1. Check with your Alma Mater

Nearly every college and university is very aware of the hiring rates of its graduates and have started organizing job fairs and job socials with many employers as a way to help new grads. Come prepared though, with plenty of resumes, business cards or really anything to get noticed. Remember to do research on the sector you’re applying in. You’ll be able to truly tailor your employment efforts.

2. Network - Both Online and Off

We’ve been dealing with social media for over a decade now, and even though there’s LinkedIn, a platform specifically for employers and employees, all forms of networking can help. Put some feelers out in your social world - perhaps past classmates, friends of friends or even relatives can help you to land your next job.

Your job search can help gain momentum, the more you network. Use networking groups to gain exposure in your industry, even if its as a freelancer.

3. No More Craigslist

So many of us have use Craigslist to find jobs when we’re in desperate need. If you’re looking for jobs within a particular or niche sector, you’re better off looking at searches from within an established job site, such as Monster. Why? Well, more reputable corporations choose to use established sites to receive resumes, versus the one-size-fits-all.