Resumes - What NOT to Add

When you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter, you start to see patterns, trends and a ton of cliches. It may seem overly simple, but you should get rid of these very cliche phrases and words that seem too over used. Why? Well, for one, you’ll be thrown into the same sea with a million other fish. But actually, there are even more reasons why you should re-read your resume and clear out any of the following language. Why? Because it shows that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

When you overtly describe things with too many adjectives, it screams to the hiring manager that you’re putting glitter on something that doesn’t deserve the hype. Mention that you managed a team of 15+, not that you “charismatically and objectively managed a mid-size to large team”.  Use data and metrics, not cleverly distracting words.

Another little faux pas, is including your salary history or requirements when they are not asked for. There are a few reasons to leaving any mention of money off of your resume:

  • It’s presumptious and rude. Until you’re offered the position or until the subject comes up, keep quiet.
  • It takes up space. Sure, it may not take up a ton of space, but if you had what your salary was at each one of your previous positions, that single line will soon turn into 6.
  • This and references are usually kept in a completely different file, so if they are asked for, you can send them over directly.