Questions YOU Should Ask in an Interview

This scenario should seem familiar: Youre at the very end of your exciting, but anxiety-riddled interview. The person that has been asking you all sorts of difficult questions finally allows you to take the podium. Do you have any questions? Almost everyone in this position quickly say no, shows their appreciation and then bolts. Too often though, are people hired and quickly leave, because the job that they were hired for just doesnt sit right with them, for a variety of reason.

Redefine what an interview is. Its not just an opportunity for an employer to get to know you and your skills, and assess whether youd be a good fit. Its a mutually beneficial meeting. Youre also there to see if this environment and employer fits your needs and wants as a workplace, as well.

What is the office environment like here?

This question is extremely important. It will give you a glimpse into a day at the office. Does everyone bring their own coffee in? Do you clock in? Are people, in general, micro-managed, or relaxed? If you know you work best independently and everyone at this office works in teams….well, maybe this isnt the best fit.

What is one thing you would change about this company?

Most interviewers will ask you why you left your last place of employment, and that question can get awkward fast. Here, youre able to see what your peer sees as a problem with the company. This could be a tiny problem or one that ultimately keeps you from accepting the job. You wont know unless you ask.

Whats your favorite part of being an employee here?

Again, youre getting firsthand insight to what the office and management style is like. You might get answers that seem useless, like the array of lunch places within walking distance, but if youre able to, reading in-between the lines of any answer should give you an idea of what the environment is like at the office.

Do you see any weakness in me as a candidate?

It might seem inappropriate for this question, but theres really no better time. If there is something that is preventing you from being offered a position, its best to educate yourself as to why, and theres no better way like asking directly.